Wood Turning

Christmas Favorites

Homemade self taught creator that loves to work with wood on my lathe. Always up for a challenged!

Submitted by: Kathy Wiggs


captive ring

First attempt the ring worked but the goblet was to thin near the center and the goblet stem broke . But by nature I didnt give up so I tried again and I was successful. I am pretty proud of this one although its not perfect but I like it. I am going to try and make more and sell them at a craft fair in my neighborhood. I am also going to try and make some bowls, dishes and there is no stopping me now. Thank You for the videos of inspiration and keep turning. Tom Carnevale…

Submitted by: Tom Carnevale

Charlie the Gnome

Submitted by: Jan Kneule



I wanted to do something special with some wood I got from the Gatlinburg Fires from last year, I have a bowl I turned and is Drying , but wanted something to go in the bowl, so I am using more of the same log to Turn Fruit to go in it. I have a video on both the bowl and the apple if you have time to check out, Thanks Carl for All You Do

Submitted by: Sterling Davis

Inside-out candle holder turning with wooden rose.

This is a project I made for my wife for Valentines day 2017.
It’s a basswood, inside-out candle stick with a hand made wooden rose.

Submitted by: Ken

Woodturning plum bowl

Woodturning plum bowl.
Enjoy the video!

Submitted by: Ondřej Pechal