Wood Turning

Wooden Win Glass

This video is for Alain Gaudet, not for me! Feel free to share & subscribe to his channel. Alain has muscular dystrophy and he needs daily help to stay at home. 🙂

Submitted by: Pat Laperrière


teddy desk set

This is a teddy pencil holder desk set I made for my niece . The bear is mahogany and ash ( I think ) the box is ply and the rest is Tasmanian oak


Submitted by: dwayne howlett

propeller vessel

Again I like to carve and turn wood projects. This is another project where I have combined both crafts for double the fun. Be safe woodwookers.


Submitted by: tommy


Walking Stick

The light colored stick was made by cutting scoops out using a saber saw. After each cut, the stick was turned ninety degrees and the next cut made.

Everything was rounded over with a 3/8″ round-over router bit, sanded then finished.

On a whim, I then drilled holes and added the single piece of rope. So, essentially, this could be a survival stick, proving you don’t need more than about ten feet of rope.


Submitted by: Kelly Craig

Miniature Goblet Set

These goblets are made out of curly cherry wood.


Submitted by: Pat Laperrière

Segmented pen

Chevron / scalloped pen of maple, wenge and mistry wood, well it’s a mystery to me anyway…


Submitted by: ken cunningham