Wood Turning

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8 point star coasters

Made of Red heart, birch and walnut. Made one long piece and cut slices off on the band saw. Each coaster is about 4 inches.The walnut border around the star was challenging. I had to cut each piece individually to make them fit. Making the star itself was relatively easy. My friends were impressed! Thanks Carl


Submitted by: Dave Barbo


Segmented Vase

The vase is made of poplar, maple with feature rings made of zebra wood an purple heart. It is 11″ tall and 8″ in diameter. It contains approximately 328 pieces.


Submitted by: Jose C. Ponce de leon

Wooden Win Glass

This video is for Alain Gaudet, not for me! Feel free to share & subscribe to his channel. Alain has muscular dystrophy and he needs daily help to stay at home. 🙂

Submitted by: Pat Laperrière


teddy desk set

This is a teddy pencil holder desk set I made for my niece . The bear is mahogany and ash ( I think ) the box is ply and the rest is Tasmanian oak


Submitted by: dwayne howlett

propeller vessel

Again I like to carve and turn wood projects. This is another project where I have combined both crafts for double the fun. Be safe woodwookers.


Submitted by: tommy

Walking Stick

The light colored stick was made by cutting scoops out using a saber saw. After each cut, the stick was turned ninety degrees and the next cut made.

Everything was rounded over with a 3/8″ round-over router bit, sanded then finished.

On a whim, I then drilled holes and added the single piece of rope. So, essentially, this could be a survival stick, proving you don’t need more than about ten feet of rope.


Submitted by: Kelly Craig