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Angel Top

Angel Top – 4″ tall, the skirt and legs are a top held in base of angel body by a rare earth magnet in base and ball bearing in top. made from walnut, cherry, maple, flowering crab apple. see https://youtu.be/FOT0VhNOILA ,http://lumberjocks.com/projects/206434 and http://lumberjocks.com/projects/193922

Submitted by: Gene Pitstick


Olaf Ornament

The body is turned from pine scrap. Wire arms and hands. Tiny puff balls for buttons. Black pipe cleaner hair. About 3.5″ tall


Submitted by: Gene Pitstick

Rosewood Pen

I know this is not my best project, but with this series, I want to show that everybody can make something even if they don’t have space. I mean my little workspace is literraly 3 feet X 2. 🙂

My lathe cost about 80$ and you can have it on craigslist for like 50 or so.

Have a good one Carl.

Submitted by: Pat Laperriere


My 2016 Ornament Challenge

Carl, here is my ornament challenge project. First time playing with the You Tube video making stuff. Not the best. Thanks much.


Submitted by: Tom Pritchard

Turning a Snowman

Turning holiday ornaments is a fun and easy way to make gifts for all those people on your holiday list. This video walks you through the process of making a cool little snowman.

Submitted by: Scott Seganti

Cherry snowman

I made the snowman with cherry wood. Painted the hat black, and then covered the body with wood glue and then put plastic dust onto the woodglue. I then used hot glue to add snow on the hat with plastic dust and then added decor onto the hat and scarf onto the body.


Submitted by: Justin Allen