Wood Turning

Rosewood Pen

I know this is not my best project, but with this series, I want to show that everybody can make something even if they don’t have space. I mean my little workspace is literraly 3 feet X 2. 🙂

My lathe cost about 80$ and you can have it on craigslist for like 50 or so.

Have a good one Carl.

Submitted by: Pat Laperriere


My 2016 Ornament Challenge

Carl, here is my ornament challenge project. First time playing with the You Tube video making stuff. Not the best. Thanks much.

Submitted by: Tom Pritchard

Turning a Snowman

Turning holiday ornaments is a fun and easy way to make gifts for all those people on your holiday list. This video walks you through the process of making a cool little snowman.

Submitted by: Scott Seganti


Cherry snowman

I made the snowman with cherry wood. Painted the hat black, and then covered the body with wood glue and then put plastic dust onto the woodglue. I then used hot glue to add snow on the hat with plastic dust and then added decor onto the hat and scarf onto the body.


Submitted by: Justin Allen

Maple Burl bowl

Maple Burl bowl, found the wood on Craigslist listed as “pretty firewood” bought a big chunk for next to nothing.


Submitted by: Todd halleman

xmas ornaments

Hi Carl
I would like to show you how you and others inspire me. I am 1 of 80 volunteer drivers who take elderly people to and from their appointments and each year I make something for my regulars at xmas and this year I turned 39 of these 3 piece ornaments and painted the middle section. I don’t want to enter the competition as I not up to the standard you get but just want to say thanks for all the great videos and look forward to seeing many more
Thanks again
Cheers Russ


Submitted by: Russ Greenough