Wood Turning

Cape Hatteras Style Lighthouse

Inspired by your earlier build of a lighthouse using an antique glass insulator. This lighthouse stands proudly at 41″ tall and about 9.5″ diameter at the base. Lit via a 3 LED puck light. Made from Poplar, all collected on my 5 acres here in TN.

Submitted by: Jeff Mundkowsky


Inside Out Heart

An objet d’art gift for my girlfriend for this Valentines. Black walnut and white maple laminated together and turned inside out to make the heart cavity, then turned down to final dimensions. My first attempt at turning this much air inside out and normal, it jumped a few times, but was saved in the end. Finished with Tung Oil and buffed out, then copious amounts of clearcoat and polished up.

Submitted by: Aidan Hershberger

My first kick at “The Call”

Hi Carl – After watching some of your videos, I figured I would try my hand at woodturning, thinking it might be good for a fella’s mental health. For me unfortunately, it has caused a severe case of O.C.D. (Obsessive Call Disorder) and my wife hasn’t talked to me in several days. Turned my first duck call out of an old couch leg. Although it turned out pretty good, I think my wife may have taken issue with the fact that now the chesterfield is all lopsided. lol Cheers from a Newbie!


Submitted by: Blair Gotell


Inifinity Pour

This is based on your pouring wood videos. The spoon is a Banksia pod, the pouring wood is maple, the box is cherry and ash with a walnut wave. Thanks for the inspiration.


Submitted by: Robert Love

Cedar box and apple wood bowl

Just learning to turn a couple of projects I completed today 1/9/17


Submitted by: Robert Martin

Gigantic Pine Burl Bowl

The video is live! 🙂 That was fun! 🙂

Submitted by: Pat Laperrière

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