Wood Turning

R2D2 Bottle Stopper

Carl, all of your recent Star Wars projects have inspired me & helped me think outside of the box. My son is a hugh Star Wars fan so I made him this R2D2 bottle stopper. I wish I had Robin’s painting skills. Thank you for all of the video on YouTube.


Submitted by: Jim Burton


Flame box elder Burl bowl

Made from flame box elder Burl. Lots of natural voids. One of my favorite pieces of wood to work with.


Submitted by: Todd Halleman

Incense Smoker Snowman

Inspired by your Snow Couple i thought maybe i could give it a try to make something similar and due Christmas Time is here I made this Snowman Ornament that functions as a Incense Smoker, The Body is made from Poplar. The Hat, Buttons, Carrot Nose, Eyes are Red Plum from an old Door Jamb. I finished it with Mineral Oil and My Beeswax- Olive oil mixture.

Submitted by: Sebastian Ollari


NIP Bowl/Lidded Box

Turned this Norfolk Island Pine Bowl and someone asked if I could make a lid for it so I did..


Submitted by: Michael King

Angel Top

Angel Top – 4″ tall, the skirt and legs are a top held in base of angel body by a rare earth magnet in base and ball bearing in top. made from walnut, cherry, maple, flowering crab apple. see https://youtu.be/FOT0VhNOILA ,http://lumberjocks.com/projects/206434 and http://lumberjocks.com/projects/193922

Submitted by: Gene Pitstick

Olaf Ornament

The body is turned from pine scrap. Wire arms and hands. Tiny puff balls for buttons. Black pipe cleaner hair. About 3.5″ tall


Submitted by: Gene Pitstick

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