Wood Turning


Felt like incorporating a new instrument into my life. Never played a banjo before so I figured the easiest way to learn would be to build one myself! There is a bit of a mishmash of woods here; sapele, purpleheart and ash body. Ash and maple neck with a marblewood fretboard and walnut headstock plate. Was lots of fun to turn the body and the coordinating rod (inside the body).

The body itself is segmented sapele with purpleheart stripes in the middle ring and ash at the bottom contoured for comfort.

Was lots of fun


Submitted by: Mackenzie


Little Bowl with Polymer clay inlay

Hello Carl!

This was my first attempt on making polymer clay inlay. this bowl actually was made to participate on a facebook group challenge last month (april).

Take care.

Thank you



Submitted by: Emérisis Santos de Humphreys

Inside out goblet.

Walnut cup and base with Alder inside out stem. First sttempt at Inside out turning.


Submitted by: Stephen Miller


lidded box

Hi Carl, This lidded ring box is my latest turning made from Exotic Wenge and Canarywood. Adding the tray inside makes a longer project but well worth the extra effort I think! Take care and I really liked your newest urn video!

Jason C


Submitted by: Jason C

Natural edge Aspin Bowl

This is a natural edge aspin bowl i turned about a month ago.it has a height of 4.5 inches,and a diameter of 7.25 inches.

Submitted by: Caleb Weller

Mom’s urn

Since we last spoke, my mother has passed away. Here is a picture of the urn. The wood is Maple. The tree was blown down in a storm and it is estimated that it was 162 +\ – years old. The top is walnut.
Thank you again,

Chuck Hager.


Submitted by: Chuck Hager