Wood Turning

Oak glass mat

I got this idéa when me and my girlfriend was out in the woods looking for turning material. She came across a dry Oak branch that had a really nice texture made by insects. I think it gave the project a nice touch of nature.
I used tung oil with a final coat of bees wax for some extra protection.


Submitted by: Tomas Larsson


Spalted Cherry Bowl

This is the first bowl I have ever made. I got this piece of wood because the dealer said that it was a burl and it had some spalting going on which always makes it interesting to me. There doesn’t seem to actually be a burl here after I got all the wax off of it and started turning it. Oh well, Still a great looking piece.
The bowl is approximately 4 1/2 ” diameter and 1 1/2 Tall


Submitted by: Charles Nicholls