Wood Turning

My first wand

I am brand new to wood turning but have been inspired by all your videos on Youtube.

I made this wand for a young Harry Potter fan, before this I had only turned 5 Slimline pens.

Thanks for all the help.


Submitted by: John Graddon



Here is my mallet turned from a piece of wormy rock maple. The dimensions are 3″ x 10″


Submitted by: Jim Cundiff

Knotty Bowl

Cut the end off an old knotty piece of limb in the woods. Don;t even know what kind of tree it was. This was full of carpenter ants which came out while I was turning it. A few more came out while I was drying it in the microwave. Finished witn boiled linseed oil. will put a clear lacquer finish on it later.


Submitted by: Tommy Freeman


Wooden Hammer

Hi Carl,
I have a old sears wood lathe that I borrowed. It’s very good but I can do a couple of things with it. However my fiance has some medical problems and I have to be able to work from home. So I decided to try and start my own wood shop. Unfortunately as I am unable to work away from home I don’t have any money. So it is not going well. My lathe is horrible but I was hoping maybe you could make a wooden hammer and then I could see how a pro does it. Your awesome and I want to say thank you for putting up all those videos. Your the best.


Submitted by: George Cancilla

Gear Knob

This is the custom turned gear shift knob i made out of birds-eye maple


Submitted by: Mark Fisherman


im 16 and your videos got me into wood working and this is my first project. i sanded it but didnt wax it.


Submitted by: ben lapierre