Wood Turning

Mahogany Gavel

One of the types of Gavels we make


Submitted by: Loch Ness Woodturner


Plum Vase

It thanks that you have inspired me by movies on youtube.
I have begun 7 months ago. I learn technique all the time.
Vase is made from plum wood. Finished with wax.
I worked 45 minutes 🙂
Greetings from Poland


Submitted by: Marek Krzus

Cherry Fruit Bowl

I rough turned this bowl, soaked it for 8 hours in denatured alcohol,wrapped it in brown paper bag and put it up to dry. It only took three weeks to dry and only warped a quarter of an inch. I finished turning it and applied two coats of Tried and True Danish Oil then buffed it with Carnauba wax.


Submitted by: Dean Osenbaugh


Baby Rattle

I picked up a SpectraPly blank from WoodCraft. After turning this rattle I sanded with carnauba wax and mineral oil like Carl does. I went one step further an Beall buffed it. The colors really popped.


Submitted by: Dean Osenbaugh

Wibbly Wobbly Bowl

A 7″ Bowl turned in Ash straight after felling, so it was nice & wet. As it dries slowly in the workshop it starts to go oval & warps making it quite an interesting piece with no cracks after an 8 week period.


Submitted by: Loch Ness Woodturner

Oak and Maple lamp

Lamp I made for my mom for mothers day.


Submitted by: Scott Filteau