Wood Turning

Box for Nick

A turned box for Nick Zamnetti (NZ Woodturning). Turned and then lazer engraved his logo in the lid. Added leather strap handle.



Submitted by: Colin Laughton


Corkscrew and Stopper for Sommelier Friend

Turned simple bottle stopper and corkscrew then added laser engraving which I filled with Milliput. Finished with CA glue to a high gloss.



Submitted by: Colin Laughton

Vortex No.1

This is a vortex style bowl looking from the top. 12-5/8″Diameter X 6-1/2″ tall. I incorporated two different colors of Spectra Ply in addition to maple, Peruvian walnut, cherry, Yellowheart, Jatoba and black veneer.

Submitted by: Pete Marken


Reuleaux Triangle Grinder

I just started woodturning about 5 months ago and learning as much as I can. I saw a youtube vid where someone made a small cylinder turned on three off-center axes. I thought was interesting, so I tried to replicate it. not only did I recreate it, I made a box out of it. Then playing with it, I thought “what if I made a pepper grinder out of this”. So I searched for others who might’ve made something similar and came up with nothing. this was my first attempt at incorporating an axial twist into a pepper grinder. While it may not be a perfect Reuleaux Triangle, it’s close enough to count. The grinder is made from a block of curly maple.
The turning is not perfect; next time, I build a curvature template so each side is the exact same.
check out the 3D rotation I made for this: http://3dbin.com/player/aenxwvyn

Submitted by: David Bishop

Interview with Le PicBois

Hey Carl! Here is an interview I made for Quebec’s newspaper. You might need google translate though! 🙂

Have a great day my friend!



Submitted by: Pat Laperriere

Electric Pen

Here is a pen I zapped with the Lichtenberg Figure Wood Burner. I turned it with the tube in but not glued, zapped it and then glued in the tube.

I enjoyed talking to you at the Oregon Symposium

Craig Chatterton

Submitted by: Craig Chatterton