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Woodturning plum bowl

Woodturning plum bowl.
Enjoy the video!


Submitted by: Ondřej Pechal


First time turning

I turned both on my father inlays rockwell lathe.had fun doing these projects.

Submitted by: Ira. Triplett

Segmented Vase – La Roma

I used Ash and Amaranth for the vase


Submitted by: Andreas Achleitner


Black Cherry/Mahaogany bowl


Ive been a long time woodworker and recently started to do some turning and decided to do a bowl and wanted to share it with everybody ! I enjoy watching and learning from your videos.

Bruce Jordan

Submitted by: Bruce Jordan

Cryptex … This is the one I told you about in your live youtube feed. Thanks again for the great instructions … Love your channel here in Nova Scotia Canada

I was asked to turn a pen for a couple that were getting married so I took my time and made them the best pen that I could. So I then thought okay It needs to be in some sort of container. I looked at all the pen containers on the market and none of them seemed worthy of this pen. So I decided that it would be cool if I made a Cryptex to be the container for the pen that was going to be used to sign their wedding vows. The word chosen was one of their favorite words. So “HAVEN” and the pen Cryptex case opens.

I was then challenged on how am I ever going to make a Cryptex … so I did a search and found you Carl. I watched your videos on the Cryptex that you made and it led me to making the one shown in the attached photo. So thanks to you I was able to make their wedding pen Cryptex case.

Submitted by: Paul-Maurice J Dubé


BBQ stems

Submitted by: paul benoit