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First Olive wood bowl

Hi Carl,
I know it isn’t much in comparison to other people’s projects but I really wanted to share this with you as it is my first (proper) bowl. This was after a few practice runs on scrap wood.

Submitted by: Matt Jones


Spiral tea light holder

Hi, firstly thank you for your youtube vids. Based on the barley twist you did, after just 8 weeks of playing haphazardly with a lathe, i went totally out of my comfort zone and did this. Not perfect, though pretty darn close.

Thanks for all your hard work, and the inspiration you give.

Submitted by: Josev King

Father’s Day Gifts

A snack Bowl and pocket multi-tool screwdriver for my Dad.

Submitted by: Colin Laughton


Miniature Segmented Vase

Dear Carl

This video shows me making my first segmented project on the lathe. After watching you and Kyle Toth I was inspired to do it.

I hope you like the video

Sean Evelegh

Submitted by: Sean Evelegh

Split Live Edge Bowl

This project was inspired by Carl Jacobson, I wanted to make a live edge bowl for a long time. But half way though to turning process I noticed a split… then the bowl snapped on the lathe! I wanted to rescue the bowl and after alot of thinking I decided to do something different. I turned the bowl into a contemorary art piece by adding bowties to fix the bowl. It is now a sweet/ fruit bowl.
Thanks for reading/watching

Submitted by: Sean Evelegh (SE Woodwork)

Toothbrush holder

Many toothbrush cups get gooey on the bottom, having the brushes in a ring on the outside keeps liquids from building up in it. The ratios could have been better in the shape, but I just made it up as I went along. The next one will have a wider base.

Submitted by: Jacob Jonsson