Wood Turning

Woodturning – Cane Sword

Bocote and Walnut cane sword.


Woodturning – Resin Jelly Fish

In this video Jake and I cast a jelly fish in resin. I then turned it into a desk light.

Woodturning – Maple Burl and Resin Gearshift

Maple Burl and Resin Gearshift

In this video I inlaid a Cadillac emblem in a piece of Maple burl and turned a gearshift. I used Stone Coat Counter Tops epoxy resin to cast the emblem in the Maple. Robin and I loaded up the mobile shop and finished turning this piece at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo TX.


Woodturning – Texas Showdown

We had a great time at Jake’s shop in Amarillo TX. We didn’t make anything for this video, but we had fun turning resin.

Woodturning – Second Time’s A Charm

Woodturning Walnut Spy Glass

Woodturning Walnut Spy Glass

In this video I turned a spy glass out of Walnut and painted it with metal effects reactive paint to give it an aged look.