Wood Turning

Maple Burl Sink

I turned this sink on the lathe out of a piece of Maple burl it’s 14″ x 7″ Robin and I are putting together a mobile makerspace, and this sink is for the RV. We’ll be spending a lot of time on the road, and to be honest the one that was in there was HIDEOUS!!



Turned Maple Platter

In this video I turned a Maple platter on the lathe. Mark Baid gave me this piece when we were in California. Robin and I were on a 10 day road trip to california. I put together a slideshow at the and of the video.

Make Your Own Resin Tool Handle.

In this video I turned a tool handle out of resin for my D-Way beading tool. My buddy Jared at Lizard Blanks gave me the hybrid resin blank.


Turning Wet Wood / Turning a bowl from fresh cut wood

In this video I turned a bowl on the lathe from a fresh cut piece of London Plane tree the tree was cut down last week.

How To Carve A Jack-O-Lantern


Lidded Wooden Box / Woodturning Projects

This lidded box is turned on the lathe out of Maple and Walnut. The base is turned into a bowl shape, and then cutaway with a air saw. The lid is one piece as well, and shaped with the air saw and sanded.