Wood Turning

Cherry LED Accent Light

I used Cherry to make this accent light, and finished it with beeswax. I used a LED lighting kit form Home Depot, and installed it in the base. Small aluminum rods separate the rings.


Fordite Keychains

In this video I show you how to recycle automotive paint in to unique key chains. I’v made quite a few things out of this stuff, but this is the first time I’v made key chains.

Aluminum and Polyester Resin Bowl!

Check out Peter’s video first to see how he made this amazing bowl! 


Polyester resin and aluminum!

Polyester resin and aluminum! #woodturning #casting #resin

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Beer Stein!

In this video I show you how to make a beer stein. I used the Miterset to segment the handle. The stein is 6″ tall and 5″ in diameter. I used Maple Walnut and Elm for this project.

How To Make A Ring Out Of Recycled Automotive Paint