Wood Turning

Kentucky stick chair

Kentucky stick chair, I used Cedar for this project

chair 1 chair 256 chair



May Patreon supporters

Tom Murphy, Ken Zuckerman, Julien Gielen, Curt, and Mark. Thank you so much for your support. This months giveaway is the Tie Fighter I made a few weeks ago.




Elm lighthouse LED


Tie Fighter May 4th was Star Wars Day

May 4th was Star Wars Day, so some of the YouTube woodworkers got together for a collab.tie 2 tie

Flying Saucer

This is a 16″ Maple burl, and Mahogany flying saucer. it stands 8″ tall.

Telephone Wire Hair Stick

I teamed up with Peter Brown this week. He used some of my paint chips to make the barrette, and I used some of his phone wire to make the hair stick.