Wood Turning

Aluminum and Polyester Resin Bowl!

Check out Peter’s video first to see how he made this amazing bowl! 


Polyester resin and aluminum!

Polyester resin and aluminum! #woodturning #casting #resin

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Beer Stein!

In this video I show you how to make a beer stein. I used the Miterset to segment the handle. The stein is 6″ tall and 5″ in diameter. I used Maple Walnut and Elm for this project.


How To Make A Ring Out Of Recycled Automotive Paint

“Make It Matter” DIY Woody From The Toy Story Movie.

This video and project was created as part of a collaboration between 21 talented makers across the world.
The purpose of this collaboration is to raise awareness to the hardship and difficulties families and children face every day when it comes to the disability and/or sickness of a child/children.

Every country in the world struggles to give the support both financially and physically that families with sick and disabled children desperately need.

Steven Twydell set up a campaign on the back of this amazing collaboration to help raise funds for children’s Charities around the world. The campaign is called Make It Matter.

All the projects made in this collaboration will be auctioned between the 18th and 25th of February on the Make It Matter web site here :- www.makersmakeitmatter.com All information regarding this campaign can also be found on the website.

The proceeds from this collaboration will be divided equally and sent to a children’s Autism charity in each of the countries the collaborators are from.

Fred Flintstone Weeble Wobble