Wood Turning

Woodturning Back-to-Basics #3 Turn a bowl without a chuck

I started this series to help new turners with a few tips I’ve learned after 23 years of woodturning. In this episode I go over how to turn a bowl without a chuck, and different types of waste blocks.


How To Make A Cryptex

In this video I demonstrate how to make your own Cryptex. What is a Cryptex? A Cryptex is a puzzle box. All the rings rotate independently of the others to create a different combinations of letters or symbols.

Pokemon Go PokeBall

GET UP, GET OUT, AND EXPLORE! You use your phone to walk around catching Pokemon. This was a fun one, I really enjoyed making this Pokeball. The project only took me about an hour to finish.


Lidded Box – Wood Piercing

I really enjoy making these three piece lidded boxes, it’s a great way to use up scrap wood too. I did a some wood piecing on this box, it’s a easy way to add some detail.

Wood Yin Yang Bowl

I used this template a friend made for me to make this Yin Yang bowl. The bowl is made out of Maple and Walnut it’s 10″ x 1 3/4″ Segmented turning is a great way to create unique patterns, and it really shows off the wood.


I’m almost done with this one, is Maple, Walnut, and Madrone burl.

Cryptex 1 cryptex 2 cryptex 3