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Paint Pouring Bowl #2 “Dirty Pour”

This is our second attempt at paint pouring. I turned a natural edge bowl on the lathe before painting it. We tried a technique called dirty pour, it’s when you mix all the paint in one cup.


Hybrid Resin And Cypress Lidded Box

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In this video I turned a hybrid resin and Cypress wood lidded box. Check out Doug’s Instagram he’s really casting some cool blanks.

Doug Bowden

Walnut Stand For The Resin Pod

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Thanks for all the great suggestions for the stand. Hands down the tree form was the winner. I made it out of Walnut it’s about 9″ tall I finished it with Howard beeswax. The air saw I used to cut it out is a Campbell Hausfeld but the Ingersoll Rand is a great saw and a littler better price.


Natural Edge Manzanita Burl Sink.

This is a piece of Manzanita burl I got from Jared at Lizard Blanks.
The wood sink is about 18″ x 12″ and 5″ thick. I turned it on the lathe first and then carved it with a TurboPlane. The TurboPlane is a great tool for carving and shaping wood. I sealed it with Systemthree resin to waterproof it.

Faux Resin Hybrid ? / Second Road Trip In The Mobile Shop

We decided to go to Crown Point for our second mobile shop video. Crown Point overlooks the Columbia river along the scenic highway.

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Myrtlewood Platter / Woodturning

I turned a Myrtlewood platter on the lathe.
Myrtlewood is a great wood to turn and it has some great color. I decorated the rim with a basket illusion pattern.

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