Wood Turning

Woodturning – Walnut Bowl With A Hidden Limb

Walnut Bowl With A Hidden Limb
In this video I turned a Walnut bowl, and was pleasantly surprised to find a limb inside that created some cool grain patterns. Because of the limb I had to fill in the cracks around it with quick coat epoxy. This stuff works great for filling large voids like this.


Woodturning – Cholla Cactus Vase

In this video I cast a piece of Cholla cactus in resin, and turned it into a vase. We picked this piece up in Quartzsite AZ last year on our road trip. The vase is 7″ x 4″ and cast with Super cast epoxy.

Woodturning – Maple Lidded Box – How To Properly Fit A Lid

In this video I turned a Maple box, and show you how to fit the lid. The box is 5″ x 3″ I got this beautiful piece of Maple from Mark.


Woodturning – Maple Burl Vase

In this video I turned a piece of Maple burl I got from @worldwide_burl on Instagram. The vase is 6 1/2″ tall and 5″ at the top.

Woodturning – Spalted Birch Firewood With A (Shou Sugi Ban Finish)

I turned this piece of Birch firewood into a Shou Sugi Ban finished bowl. Shou sugi ban is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. The bowl is 8″ acrossed and 5 1/2″ deep.

Woodturning – Cheers To A New Year Hybrid Martini Glass

In this video I turned a martini glass out of wood and resin. The stem and base are Cherry and the top is resin.