Wood Turning

Woodturning – Acorn Door Stop

In this video I turned a set of door stops out of one piece of Maple. I started with a 9″x 2″ x 2″ Maple blank. After finding center I mounted it in between centers on the lathe, and shaped a acorn on each end. This is a pretty easy turning project that only takes about 30 min.


Woodturning – Antique Texaco Gas Pump Lamp

In this video I recreated an old Texaco gas pump into a light. The lamp stands 20″ tall and turned out of Maple.

Woodturning – Aluminum and Resin Rim On A Maple Bowl

In this video I turned a Maple bowl and inlay-ed aluminum and resin on the rim. I used a drill press to create small aluminum ribbons to inlay in the rim. The resin I used is from Stone Coat Counter Tops, it’s designed for deep pours like this. The bowl is 11″ by 4″


Woodturning – Impact

In this video I turned a art piece out of Maple burl and Walnut. The piece is 14″ by 13″

Woodturning – Maple Burl Lidded Box

In this video I turned a Maple burl lidded box. The box is 4″ x 5″ and the finial is Walnut and Cocobolo.

Woodturning – Sycamore Bead Bowl

In this video I used a beading tool to decorate the out side of this bowl. The bowl is Sycamore 9″ x 5″ and has some beautiful spalting.