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Woodturning | Cedar Angel

Woodturning Cedar Angel

In this video I turned and carved an angel out of cedar. After turning and carving the angel I burnt in some detail on the wings. I finished the piece with Howard wood finish.


Woodturning | Top 5 Tool Questions

Woodturning | Top 5 tool questions

These are the top 5 tool question all the time. In this video I go over what chuck I use, sanding with oil, hot glue, carving stand, and my hand held sander.

Woodturning | Lidded Box

In this video I turned a lidded box out of Walnut and Maple. This style is a little different from lidded boxes I’ve turned before.


Woodturning | Tall Glass Of Resin

In this video I made a water glass complete with ice cubes, and splash out of resin. The glass and ice cubes are Super Cast resin, and the splash are countertop resin.

Woodturning | Green Cherry Bowl

Woodturning | Green Cherry Bowl

Woodturning | Walnut Ravioli Mold

n this video I made two Walnut ravioli molds. I started out carving the patterns on the CNC, and then cupped out the center on the lathe.