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Maple Double Scoop

After posting the pictures of the scoop a few weeks ago I had a few requests to make a video. The scoop is 9″ long, the large scoop is 2 3/4″ and the small scoop is 1 1/4″ in diameter.


Trash Amp Portable Amplifier DIY Kit

Portable speakers for your smartphone, electric guitar, and more! This portable amplifier from Trash Amps can be made from, just about anything. I made this Walnut enclosure for mine, but you can use anything from pop cans to mason jars. If you make this project please share. I’d love see what you come up with.


Woodturning Back-to-Basics Episode #1

I started this series to help new turners with a few tip I’ve learned after 23 years of woodturning. In this episode I go over a few tip for using the skew chisel, and the bowl gouge. I also talk about the sanding pad I use, and how to sand out end grain. Also a quick tip for sharpening gouges.


Handmade Myrtlewood Spoon

I’ve been making a lot of wooden kitchen utensils lately, this myrtlewood spoon was turned on the lathe.

Banjo Collab with Pat

Pocket Watch

Maple and Bocote Pocket Watch.