Wood Turning

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Woodturning – Birch Bowl – This is the bowl I dried in rice.

I did this one in real time Happy New Year! In this video I demonstrate how to remount a bowl on the lathe to do a final turn after it finished drying. I turned this bowl green a few months ago, it’s been drying in rice since I turned it.


Woodturning – Maple Female Form Piece

In this video I turned a piece of Maple on the lathe into two female forms holding a ring. After turned a vase shape and drew the female shapes. I marked two spots opposite the female forms and cut along them with the Mini Turbo. I hollowed it out and begin shaping the forms with a small air saw. With a dremel bit I refined the shape before lots of sanding

Woodturning – Walnut Bathroom Sink

In this video I demonstrate step-by-step how to make a wood sink. This one is made out of Walnut and has a satin finish. The sink is 15″ in diameter and 5 3/4″ tall. After turning the bowl shape on the lathe I filled in some small cracks with black CA glue before the final sanding. The finish is General Finishes Arm R Seal satin I picked up from Woodcraft.


Woodturning – “Natural Edge” Maple Vase

In this video I demonstrate how to make your own “natural edge” voids. I cut away some of the cracks that ran down both sides of this piece. After shaping the outside I used the Arbortech mini to cut two grooves one on each side of the vase. Cutting these grooves makes hollowing the vase out really easy.

Woodturning – Natural Edge Christmas Ornament

The guys at Easy Wood Tools asked me to make a Christmas ornament for their tree at their shop. I made a natural edge void in one side and cut out a star of Bethlehem to hang on the inside. To make the natural edge void I drilled into one side with a forstner bit before hollowing it out.

Woodturning – Handmade Wooden Penguins

I turned and carved these wooden penguins. I first turned them on the lathe between centers, before turning one end off center. With the band saw I rough cut the beak shape before using the Arbortech mini turbo to refine the shape. After taping the front part with masking tape I painted them with a airbrush. The final step was to finish them with two coats of clear lacquer.

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