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Wobbly Wooden Wine Goblet

Hi Carl,
Was watching your latest youtube project last night of the green turned bowl (back to basics project #6), that had distorted slightly as it dried.
It reminded me of a wine goblet that I tried a few weeks ago, from green apple wood. Actually we felled the tree at the beginning of the year, but it obviously still wasn’t dry enough to not distort! And it was meant to be the first of a set of four goblets for a friend!
The wood itself was a delight to turn, with long ribbon like strips peeling off, as in your video. For better or worse, I had to leave it on the lathe in a finished, but not parted off state for a few days through some really warm weather. When I came back to it, the rim of bowl had distorted significantly, so I decided to leave it a bit longer to see how it would finish up.
The end result is in the photos, although they don’t really do it justice!
Alan (From Down-Under in NZ)


Submitted by: Alan MacKay