Wood Turning

Recycled wood – first turning

I just bought a new Shopfox mini lathe. I guess I needed to start small and get a hang of the process. My 11 year old son is just as excited as I am to get his hands on it. (Maybe I am as excited as a kid – I don’t know which). We brainstormed on where to get a hold of some wood. Our neighborhood picks up bulk trash from the sidewalk once a month and he suggested we look there first. We found quite a bit. We cut the wood into small enough blocks with a sawzall and off we went. This was the first one we grabbed and it turned out awesome. The brown spot is a dead branch that was partly consumed by the new growth. It is hollow 3/4 of the way down to hold a bud flower. Once we “finished up with 600” we buffed on a coat of tung oil.
Thanks for all the inspiration Carl!
T. Brown


Submitted by: Tommy Brown