Wood Turning

Lidded jars with symbolic design components

As Christmas presents, I designed 6 lidded jars for close friends who are of Latvian heritage. I wanted to have some symbolism and meaning for the designs, so this is what I came up with. First, the walnut itself is from a tree that I cut down in 1972, and which was planted around 1910 by homesteaders in Northern California. Each jar is slightly different in contours, but they all measured about 4 inches in both directions on the bodies. On top of the lids, the finials are made of purpleheart and maple – and there are 4 sides to the finials, with alternating colors. I made the finials in a shape that is representative of the steeples you see all around the Old City of Riga, Latvia. Additionally, the Latvian flag is purple and white – represented by the wood in the finials. I used a friction finish to complete them. They were my first hollow form turnings! Thanks.


Submitted by: Phil Lapin