Wood Turning

Jewel Tree

Hello Everyone !!!

Here I post two pictures of a project I had for a friend of mine who makes jewels with pearls.

Thinking about what I could do for her (except turning wooden pearls ;-> ), I thought “what about a jewel-showing item?”.

So I turned this “Jewel Tree”.

The base is a glue-up of two boards of oak, the “trunk” comes from firewood beech, the “branches” are made of two pieces of an elm tree a neighbor gave me last year and the top-hat was turned in a piece of santos rosewood.

The whole piece can be disassembled for market use: the branches are slid in place through the holes and stuck in place by a small rubber fixed to a small hook hidden in the top-hat and the “trunk” has a 4cm-long tenon that fits a mortise (about 1 inch in diameter) on the base.

Originally the “trunk” was designed to be more simple but the wood didn’t let me turn it the way I wanted and I think the base is a little too massive… If I ever do another one, I’ll try to make the “trunk” simpler and the base thinner.

Feel free to tell me what you think of this work, any comment and/or critic is welcome.

Take care,



Submitted by: Morgan D.