Wood Turning

Gearshift Knob

Just watched you video on making a gearshift knob. My son and I made one for his truck, which is a standard. We made it in two pieces. One is like a base piece that we threaded and screwed onto the shifter shaft, that also had a pocket for a locking nut. Then we made a cap that included the brass parts of some .410 shotgun shells that he shot some stuff with. The we used CA glue to secure the cap that holds the shells. We made it all out of the same piece and made sure we matched the grain. Surprisingly, it actually feels better than the factory knob and makes the truck easier to shift. He goes to a small 1A Texas school and all the guys there drive trucks, and his is the coolest with the ONLY handmade 6 shooter shifter knob. I’ll send more pics on how we made it if you’d like to see that. Oh, and I really enjoy watching your videos. I started with stumbling across your paint chip videos and I’ve gone back and watched everyone, and I keep a look out all the time for more.


Submitted by: Charlie Zapalac