Wood Turning

Firt Time Turning

I was chosen, by ticket, at my first meeting of the Wiregrass Wood Turners, to turn a piece out of the provided wood. I was still in the process of shopping around for a new lathe that me and my son could use. So I purchased a mini lathe and basic tools. I wanted to make a bowl. Now take into consideration, I’ve never turned anything before. All I have done as far as instructions is watch YOUTUBE. I’ve watched all of Carl J’s videos and Capt Eddies video and a few others. I really had no idea what I was doing other that what I seen on these two channels. I went with a lipped bowl because I thought it was a representation of what I would want to use as a cereal bowl. Yeah, I like cereal. The lip would be a good way to keep the bowl from slipping when finishing the last of the milk off. I don’t intend to eat from it, just my idea. The bottom was a result of a “OOPS”. I knocked a hunk out and fixed it by bringing in the bottom at the angle I ended up with. I sanded with 80 grit then to 180 grit and finished sanding with paste wax and polishing on the lathe.


Submitted by: Mike Holland