Wood Turning

Epoxy Ocean Tide Pool Table

In this video I made a ocean tide pool end table using Stone Coat Countertops epoxy resin. The base is MDF I made the rocks out of floor putty, and I used sand and rocks in the pools.


Salton Sea Hatchet

Salton Sea Hatchet

In this video I made a hatchet out of a piece of wood we found at the Salton Sea down in southern California. I show a few clips of the shore line, and the surrounding area. I found the Damascus steel on Ebay and thought it was a good fit. I used a piece of Cocobolo for the wedge, and wrapped the handle with braided leather.

Wrist Rocket

I carved a wrist rocket out of a solid piece of Acacia wood. I cut the basic shape with the bandsaw before refining it with the Arbortech and sanding. A LOT OF SANDING! I finished it with Doctors Walnut finish.


Woodturning – Lichtenberg Wood Burning And Casting

In this video we cast Robin’s hand with plaster. I turned a sphere out of Holly and used the Lichtenberg wood burner to decorate it. I finished it off with Transfast scarlet wood dye.

Maple Burl – Garage Sale Find

I recycled a broken coffee table my aunt found at a garage sale. I carved this piece of Maple Burl with the Arbortech Turbo Plane and finished it with resin from Stone Coat Counter Tops.

DIY Stained Glass / How To Make Stained Glass Mosaic With Resin

In this video we made a mosaic out of resin to look like stained glass. I cut all the pieces out on the scrollsaw and put them together with Milliput. I finished it off with Stone Coat Countertops epoxy resin.