Wood Turning

Woodturning Back-to-Basics Episode #2

I started this basic woodturning series to help new turners with a few tips I’ve learned after 23 years. In this episode I go over how to cut a tenon to get the best fit in your chuck. We’ll also go over the bevel angle, and sanding pads. Sanding pads are the best way to sand out end grain.


  1. Ken Gunnell
    Nov 11, 2016

    I look forward to your q Friday videos,I subscribe to 20 u tube videos but by far you are the best. I have been turning now for 3 yesrs and an in the top 1/4 of my club in skill sets and complexity of work. I tI am 71 and happily turn 3 hrs daily. What a joy. I am interested in your tool give away. Keep up the inspiring work. Ken Gunnell Rey LTC us army. Love your story of working in wood with role models. My grandfather was my inspiration as well as great memories

  2. Peter olsen
    Feb 18, 2017

    Thank you I would like to know where do you get your music from I love watching your YouTube videos pretty cool

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