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Lidded Box With A Threaded Insert

This is a Maple burl lidded box I turned using Niles Threaded Inserts


Natural edge Japanese maple bowls

I made these from a Japanese maple log with burl on it. The log was a freebie given to me by a friend. It was cracked but it was blue to turn it into a couple of bowls. There are both natural edge and live edge on the bowls. I couldn’t save all the bark. Thank you for your inspiring videos on you tube. I love your content.

Submitted by: Andrew Mirlo

In this video I turned a Maple Burl lidded box.


Koa Vase

In this video I turned a Koa vase and turned an off center Walnut lid for it. After turning and hollowing out the vase. I turned a off center lid using the Joyner Off-Center Jig.

Honey Box

In this video I turned a lidded box out of Myrtewood burl and inlayed a small piece of honeycomb resin in the lid.