Wood Turning

Natural Edge Maple Bowl

This is a natural edge made from maple. This was turned while the wood was still green and was then placed in a brown paper sack with the shavings from the piece to dry over a few weeks. This is a great method to use to help prevent cracking and splitting when turning green wood. I used the Easy Wood Tool to make this 7 inches in diameter bowl from a piece of maple a received from a friend who had a tree fall last winter.

This is the first Easy Wood Tool I have used and am very pleased with the results.This is their finishing tool with the round carbid cutter. I think this tool would be a great addition to any woodturners arsenal.


Fallen Maple Tree

This maple tree fell down on a friends property. They will be taking down the rest this fall. I have brought some nice sized pieces home for large and small projects and have sealed the ends with paint to prevent cracking of the wood.

Magic Wand

Spindle turnings is an essential part of woodturning. A magic wand for a magic or Harry Potter fan is a great place to use the skew chisel in practicing to mast this tool. Most new woodturners shy away from a skew chisel, but with practice it becomes a go to tool for spindle turning.