Wood Turning

Lichtenberg Wood Burning – Myrtlewood Platter

In this video I made a Myrtlewood serving platter. After cutting it out on the bandsaw I rounded over the edges with a router, and drilled a hole in the handle with a forstner bit. I then sanded it up to 220 grit, before moving on to the burning process. The burner I’m using is new model from Conestoga Works, it uses electricity to burn the wood. I put a link below to the Conestoga Works website. This is a very safe way to make fractal burns in wood.


Woodturning – Natural Edge Cherry Burl Vase

In this video I turned a Cherry vase and left about half of it natural. This is another piece I got from Trevor from Worldwide Burl.

Woodturning – Maple Burl Box

In this video I turned a lidded box with a hand carved Ebony finial. The body of the box is Maple burl, I got this piece from Trevor at Worldwide Burl


Woodturning – Basket Illusion Maracas

In this video I turned a set of maracas on the lathe. I decorated them with
a technique called basket illusion, it’s a process of burning and coloring the wood. The maracas are 10 1/2″ long and 3 1/2″ in dia, and filled with Pinto beans.

DIY Woodworking Project – Myrtlewood Mirror

In this video I made two Myrtlewood mirrors. I used a bandsaw to cut out the shape, and a router to round over the edges before sanding. On the one mirror I used a Lichtenberg burner to decorate it.