Wood Turning

Vases XXL


Here is the final pic of the big vases I turned this past spring and summer. The big Walnut/Ash Vase has 1610 pieces and the Curly maple Vase has 1922 separate pieces.

They are currently on display at a Venue called “The B.O.B.” (Big Ole building) during ArtPrize 2014 in Grand Rapids Michigan. Over the last 6 years this has been the largest Art show in the US with more than 1500 entries and I believe about 150 venues. The show runs for 19 days with more than $500,000 in prize money. They estimate more than a half a million people will visit during the 19 days.
So far the few days that I have spent at the venue the reaction has been great. Most people can’t believe the actual size of them. I have talked to a lot of wood turners that have a lot of questions. I just tell them that I can’t give up all of my trade secrets 🙂

Take Care

Steve Miller


Submitted by: Steve Miller