Wood Turning

Shattered Time, the Dr Who pen

I’ve been turning for about 6 months now and I wanted to make a Dr Who themed pen for a friend who is mad about the series.

I cast pen tubes in resin with glow-in-the-dark pigment (blue and white, mixed at a late stage in the curing process) and then turned them down to slim cores.

I took small watch parts and bent them in a press to fit the cores and glued them in place, I also wrapped a colour print-out of the Tardis from the show around the top core too! Then used a clear resin to cast it all up, turned it to shape, sanded it and a coat of CA glue makes it transparent again!

I dunno if the show is as big in the states as here but its about a time travelling hero so I wanted the watch parts to look like they were exploding and the parts which stuck out a bit got nicely turned away to give a nice “cut” effect.

Tom Murphy,


Submitted by: Tom Murphy