Wood Turning

Oak and black walnut segmented lamp

This is my 6th lamp. It’s an oak and black walnut segmented lamp. It’s made out of four 2x2s, one 1×4, and several pieces of walnut veneer. I wasn’t satisfied with the thickens of one layer of veneer so I put two. There is a lot of glue in there. There are 8 segments of oak in the base, two layers thick. Every segment is separated by two layers of walnut veneer. For a total of 32 pieces of wood in the base and 10 in the column. Actually I made a creative error that lead me to have to double the number of black walnut pieces in the base, so there are 48 pieces of wood in the base but there should only be 32. I have a close up picture of the base which is quite striking. I’m trying to sell my lamps but haven’t sold one yet. It’s only been a few weeks since I started turning. The last time I turned was in high school in 1994. After watching YouTube videos, I can see that there is a lot I don’t know about turning.


Submitted by: Joe Cushing