Wood Turning


My lathe cannot handle a large bowl like this (16″ x 7″) so I turned the bottom piece of walnut (leaving enough for a clamp to grab) then I glued and clamped a round to the first layer. I turned it round, each progressive layer was cut round and the center was cut out to make it as light as possible with as little unbalanced weight as possible. After each layer was glued on to the bowl, it was ’rounded’ on the outside (balanced) and the center was turned to make it perfectly balanced on the inside of the bowl as well as the outside of the bowl. Each progressive layer can be glued on, making it slightly larger around, so the clamp can grab it. Then the whole thing was shaped and of course, one layer was maple instead of walnut to give it some character. Most of what I do is with “glued up” wood.


Submitted by: Tim Parsch