Wood Turning

Maple Burl Coffee Table

I made this coffee table from a maple tree I have had me eye on for a couple of years that was between some railroad and state highway right of way near my home in Clinton IL. I asked the supervisor for I.D..O.T. that when they cut the tree down, because it had died, if I could have the log. He called me a couple of days later and said it was down for me to come and get. It was like opening a present on Christmas morning when I started to saw it on my band mill. The log shows burl grain clear thr0ugh the log.
The table is about 60 inches long X 22inches wide at the widest part and 2 inches thick. I chose to make slab legs for it also to show off more of the beautiful grain of the burl. The joinery is just simple mortise and tennon. The iron spreader was made for me by my brother who is a blacksmith by trade and hobby. This piece went to a very good friend of mine as a thank you gift. Thanks for letting me share.


Submitted by: Rich Parker