Wood Turning

Ice Cream Cone

Hi Carl.

I’ve watch a lot of if not all of you videos. They are very interesting, entertaining and inspirational.

I watched you video “Ice cream on the lathe”. I made one of my own after seeing yours.

The chocolate sprinkles on the top are made from black walnut lathe chips. The cherry vanilla ice cream is made from flame box elder. the chocolate scoop of ice cream is made from black walnut. The cone is made from Banksia Nut.

I was trying to figure out what to make with the banksia and it came to me is looked like a waffle cone sort of.

I don’t have very much experience with the lathe. Its a 16″ Jet lathe. I have been making a few small things with it though. I am learning by watching your videos as well. One of the pictures I’m sending you shows a couple of my booboos with the ice cream cone. For whatever reason I thought I would hollow them out. The vanilla got hollowed a little to much as you can see in the picture. The chocolate came off the lathe and was sucked up into the dust collector that I had recently gotten. It kinda dinged it up a bit.


Submitted by: Gary Lee