Wood Turning

Bottle Openers

I love woodworking but have never been very involved, so I don’t know how to do a lot of stuff. I got married last June and had decided to do something special for my groomsmen. But I didn’t want to do the usual thing and order something engraved off of a website. I came up with the idea that I wanted to make bottle openers for them. I thought it would be very personal, and quite unique.
Long story short, I learned how to turn from watching your videos borrowed a friends lathe and turned some bottle openers. I am quite proud of the work I did, and my groomsmen were blown away. So thank you very much for putting out such detailed and quality videos!!
Here are the woods from left to right:
Honduran Rosewood, Argentine Osage Orange, Indian Rosewood, White Oak (I think, I found it in the scrap bin at the store and liked it), Black Palm, and Indian Rosewood again. I sanded them through 800 and finished them with tung oil. I had a lot of fun turning these! I will be saving up to get my own lathe now. Thanks again for your work, it’s great!


Submitted by: Sam Proctor