Wood Turning

A really big mallet.. or two

My second wood turning project, and my first green wood turning… A big, big mallet. Most likely this will be used to hit a froe, but now it’s got a few years to dry out… and it’s already started to crack just hours after taking it off the lathe… much like the wikipedia page about this type of wood (that I’ve never seen or used before) predicted.

More than likely, once it dries, I will cut a “standard” mallet sized chunk off the end of it and make a second mallet with a walnut handle, but that project is probably about two years out.

I’ve left 100% of my mistakes in this video and called the catch locations out in the titles… While some tools worked well for the first turning and the two magic wands that followed this turning, I never really got them to work well on this large chunk — but it’s a completely different wood and it wasn’t dry, and it’s only my second turning, so there are any number of things that only more experience will tell me how to plan for in the future.

You can check out airquotewoodworker.com for a teaser photo of my next turning project as well (two magic wands).

Submitted by: AirquoteWoodworker