Wood Turning

14″ Walnut (with Purple Heart Ring) Salad Bowl (my 4th every turning project

After 10 years out of the wood shop because of college then dental school I finally got back into the woodshop. I finally made time and thought I would start to learn wood turning. Just by watching youtube videos (yours and Frankl Horvath’s) over the last 2 weeks and turing three small maple bowls I thought I would give a large segmented bowl since I don’t have any rough turned bowls.

I think it turned out well being that its only my third bowl and learning/doing in two weeks.

I just used 5/8 bowl gouge, scraper, easywood chuck (w/ 1-3/8 jaws which were definitely undersized), and a relative’s lathe. I finished the bowl with beeswax and mineral oil.

Thanks for your videos. They gave a good foundation.


Submitted by: Jeff McQuinn