Wood Turning

Walnut Knitting Needle Case

Two piece walnut knitting needle case for 10 inch needles. This project is something that can be adjusted to fit many sizes of knitting needles. It can also be adjusted on the inside diameter to fit mutiple pairs of needles. This is a wonderful gift for the knitters in your family or friends. It would also be great to turn a set of matching needles to go with the case.


Wooden Clutch

Wooden clutch style purse made of maple. This is a work in progress. I am looking for someone who sews to help with the interior lining. I placed the hinges on the outside, but feel they would be bettering on the interior. I am working out the details and would love some feed back, comments or ideas.

Tire Thumper

I turned a tire thumper this past weekend for a friend. I have received a few request to make fish thumpers as well. This is a great fast project for an angler or truck driver. I would recommend using a nice hardwood, so that it has some weight to it. Or you could put a lead weight in the end and plug it as well. The would I am using came from a salvaged pallet that items from overseas were shipped in on. There is a salvage company in Portland that recycles these and sells off the usable pieces of the pallets.This is another great project for the lathe and a great skill builder for spindle turning.