Wood Turning

Sandstone Hot Plate

Sandstone hotplate I purchased in Bryce Canyon Utah. I have turned a myrtle wood base for the hotplate to add to highlight the beauty in the sandstone and provide some protection from chipping.


Fast and Beautiful Wood Turning Finish

Mineral oil and paste wax make for a beautiful satin finish. Ten parts paste wax to one part mineral oil provides a satin finish. Dip the sand paper in the paste wax and mineral oil and this will also keep down on the sanding dust when working. This finish will also last for a long time enhancing the natural beauty of any piece.

Bud Vase

This wood turning project takes about 20 min. This is from a reclaimed wood. I am not certain about the species of the wood. Very hard wood with a beautiful grain that finished up nicely. This is great fast gift idea for dried or fresh flowers when you have a glass vial to insert. These can be found most local craft stores.