Wood Turning

Finishing the Natural Edge Bowl

It’s time to finish the natural edge bowl. After three week in a paper sack the bowl is ready to put back on the lathe and finish.


Small Round Vase

Small round vase with wood salvaged from Viridian wood products. Although the specific species is unknown it has a beautiful grain and character.This is fun project to turn and a great skill builder.

Purple Heart Pendant

Purple Heart pendant turned on a lathe. This is fast project where you can add alot of creativity.


Lidded Yew Box

Yew wood is great wood to turn and very hard although it is considered a softwood. A friend of mine in Ireland sent me the yew wood along with some bog oak and bog yew. Yew is very dense and has great color red and cream are a great contrast with each other. These types of boxes are great skill builders and have endless shape and design potential.

Miniature Mrtylewood Vase

Miniature Myrtlewood Vase.This wood turning project takes about five minutes and is a great way to use up your scraps. The pin chuck I use in the video can be purchased from most wood turning supply companies.

Hamburger Press

Maple and Redwood hamburger press. Great for those summer sliders on the BBQ. This project takes about an hour to complete. I 3 inch PVC pipe is used in the interior and use a food safe finish like Salad Bowl Oil Finish to complete your press.