Wood Turning

Maple baby rattle

Nathan and his wife are expecting a baby in March, he asked me to make a baby rattle. I used Maple burl, it’s 3 1/2 by 2 1/2

RattleEW1EW 2EW 3EW 5 EW 6  EW 4


Natural Edge Walnut Tea Light

Tealight 3 Tealight

Live Show

I turned this Maple tool handle on the live show Saturday.



Inlaid Redwood sun

I found this Redwood at Goodwill, and made this sun pattern. I inlaid it into a piece of quilted Maple.

I got some shop time today. I made this Alabaster pot, and a band saw box……kinda

Alabaster Soap stone_edited-1 Wood Box 2 Wood Box

Maple Burl Box

I turned this box out of the leftover wood from the watch.Box Box 1