Wood Turning

lidded box

lidded box

Hi Carl, This lidded ring box is my latest turning made from Exotic Wenge and Canarywood. Adding the tray inside makes a longer project but well worth the extra effort I think! Take care and I really liked your newest urn video!

Jason C


Submitted by: Jason C


Natural edge Aspin Bowl

This is a natural edge aspin bowl i turned about a month ago.it has a height of 4.5 inches,and a diameter of 7.25 inches.

Submitted by: Caleb Weller

Mom’s urn

Mom’s urn

Since we last spoke, my mother has passed away. Here is a picture of the urn. The wood is Maple. The tree was blown down in a storm and it is estimated that it was 162 +\ – years old. The top is walnut.
Thank you again,

Chuck Hager.


Submitted by: Chuck Hager


DumDum Sucker Tree

This was a fun project. For storing or showing off DumDum suckers.

Submitted by: Mike Fulton

How to turn a bottle stopper

I show how I make a bottle stopper on the Ruth Niles system. I’m 15 and have been turning for 7 months.

Submitted by: Todd halleman

Cherry/Acatia ring bowl

Cherry/Acatia ring bowl

I had a lot of leftover acatia flooring and wanted to see how it turned, so I glued up a couple pieces of cherry and sliced in some of the acatia. I really like how it turned out and now I know what I’m going to do with all that leftover wood!


Submitted by: Jay