Wood Turning

Cherry LED Accent Light

I used Cherry to make this accent light, and finished it with beeswax. I used a LED lighting kit form Home Depot, and installed it in the base. Small aluminum rods separate the rings.


Miniature Segmented Vase

Dear Carl

This video shows me making my first segmented project on the lathe. After watching you and Kyle Toth I was inspired to do it.

I hope you like the video

Sean Evelegh

Submitted by: Sean Evelegh

Split Live Edge Bowl

This project was inspired by Carl Jacobson, I wanted to make a live edge bowl for a long time. But half way though to turning process I noticed a split… then the bowl snapped on the lathe! I wanted to rescue the bowl and after alot of thinking I decided to do something different. I turned the bowl into a contemorary art piece by adding bowties to fix the bowl. It is now a sweet/ fruit bowl.
Thanks for reading/watching

Submitted by: Sean Evelegh (SE Woodwork)


Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holder

Many toothbrush cups get gooey on the bottom, having the brushes in a ring on the outside keeps liquids from building up in it. The ratios could have been better in the shape, but I just made it up as I went along. The next one will have a wider base.

Submitted by: Jacob Jonsson

Carl’s Workshop Pencil

Carl’s Workshop Pencil

Little something to say thanks for sharing your tips and ideas. We all appreciate the help. Should arrive in a couple of weeks. Take care, Colin.

Submitted by: Colin Laughton