Wood Turning

Basket illusion

This was my first attempt at the basket illusion. The lidded box was turned on the lathe, and beaded with a 1/4″ beading tool from D-Way Tools. Dan Burleson came up with a great way to really speed up the burning process that cuts the time in half, if not more. 


First time turning

First time turning

I turned both on my father inlays rockwell lathe.had fun doing these projects.

Submitted by: Ira. Triplett


I turned this piece of California pepper wood green. I used a Lichtenberg burner to embellish the bowl, I inlaid mother of pearl in the fractures.


Segmented Vase – La Roma

I used Ash and Amaranth for the vase

Submitted by: Andreas Achleitner

Black Cherry/Mahaogany bowl

Black Cherry/Mahaogany bowl


Ive been a long time woodworker and recently started to do some turning and decided to do a bowl and wanted to share it with everybody ! I enjoy watching and learning from your videos.

Bruce Jordan

Submitted by: Bruce Jordan