Wood Turning

How To Carve A Jack-O-Lantern



Lidded Wooden Box / Woodturning Projects

This lidded box is turned on the lathe out of Maple and Walnut. The base is turned into a bowl shape, and then cutaway with a air saw. The lid is one piece as well, and shaped with the air saw and sanded.

Resin And Maple Burl

Hybrid Maple Burl and Resin



Basket illusion

This was my first attempt at the basket illusion. The lidded box was turned on the lathe, and beaded with a 1/4″ beading tool from D-Way Tools. Dan Burleson came up with a great way to really speed up the burning process that cuts the time in half, if not more. 


I turned this piece of California pepper wood green. I used a Lichtenberg burner to embellish the bowl, I inlaid mother of pearl in the fractures.